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Inside the Shop.

About Car Floor Mats was founded in 1996 out of a garage in Agoura Hills, California. The idea began when a DHL package from India was sent to California by mistake. The package was intended to be delivered to a United Kingdom home floor distributor but ended up on the doorstep of Jeff Allwine, who was expecting a sample shirt to arrive. Inside the box was a small sample of woven coconut fibers. A divine mix-up that planted the seed. first home in a garage in Agoura Hills California.
Where started in 1996
Meadow Vista Way, Agoura Hills, CA first Sema Auto Show in 1996.
CocoMats first SEMA Auto Trade Show
with friend Chuck Stroud, 1996

Cocomats were very popular in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s as a factory accessory option by Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and many other European automobile manufacturers. They were, and still are, one of the best-woven car mat options available to help any car look great. They are also the only car mat option on the market that can hide the dirt on the floor of your car, just like when they were first developed. By the mid-’90s, cocomats were no longer available. So when the co-founder, Jeff Allwine, received the package of coco fibers by mistake, it sparked a recollection of his early 911 Porsche’s and the great look and feel of cocomats. Having determined that there was a market for a new and improved line of cocomat car mats and finding no one manufacturing them at the time, was started. A few old sets of original Porsche coco mats were bought from Gary Emory at Parts Obsolete in Oregon to get the weave and colors to match the original cocomats. Contacts were made with a factory in India to purchase the new and improved coco matting material, which factory we still use to this day after 22 years of working together. installs all velco and grommets to make sure your car mat is secure.
Velcro adhered to the
bottom of current BMWs.

One of the first things we did after starting in 1996 was to design and add a nibbed rubber bottom to the underside of every set of car mats we manufactured. The original cocomats were developed to go on the floor of the early european automobiles when they still had rubber on the floor and before carpeting was the norm. With most vehicles now having carpet on the floor, adding our nibbed rubber bottom gives all of the benefits of the original cocomats, with the added advantage that the mats won’t move or bunch up. They are 100% waterproof and will still hide and hold dirt until they are vacuumed, shaken out, or hit against a tree. In addition to our rubber bottom that holds our mats in place, if any car is equipped with mat attachments, we offer either factory grommets or factory-styled grommets, depending on the material chosen and its thickness. We have over 10 different styles of grommets, snaps, posts, and velcro options for the various different car systems.

The business moved from California in 1998, relocating to Easton, Connecticut. Then in 2006, having outgrown our four-car garage, we relocated the business in 4 tractor-trailer trucks to our current factory location in Fort Mill, SC. We choose Fort Mill, SC, for the great skilled labor and a positive and healthy work environment. We have built a great team of skilled craftsmen. Every mat we manufacture is handmade to order, using the finest materials and labor available. Employee Diana cleaning the coco mats prior to heel pads going on.
Dianna cleaning the mats
prior to heel pads going on. Employee Rick sewing our proprietary binding around the Cocomats.
Rick sewing our proprietary
binding around the mats. Employee Linda doing 1st of 2 stitches around all cocomats.
Linda doing 1st of 2 stitches
around all cocomats.

When began in 1996, we only manufactured six different cocomat colors! We currently carry nine products with 50 color options. One of the biggest hurdles we faced at the beginning of was that we failed to realize that there are thousands of patterns for the thousands of car models built over the years. We did not have one car floor mat pattern. We were so thrilled to have found and revived such an exciting and great product that we overlooked this considerable detail. After a few tough years and help from the car community family, we persevered and now have all vehicle mat patterns, including every Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and other European car manufacturers, from the 50s up to the current models, including left hand and right-hand drive. We also offer our customers the choice to send us a new or modified pattern which we will custom make to their design, for no extra charge, as all of our auto mats are still handmade to order in our shop in Fort Mill, SC - USA.

Drew and Jay Leno at Jay's Garage
filming a video about
Inside the Shop.
Our Warehouse filled with Fifty (50)
different colors and material style. Employee Drew meeting with Jay Leno who is a customer of
Co Founders Jeff and Deborah Allwine.
Jeff and Deb Allwine

For further information about our car mats, many “About Us“ articles and videos have been done on our Company over the years, including a feature article in the Mercedes-Benz Club magazine and a Porche Club of America product spotlight video. Our friend and customer, Jay Leno, did a video about our mats with Drew that he put on Jay Leno’s garage. After the move to SC, Drew Phythian came on board and helped grow with his sales and customer service expertise. Mercedes Source also did an informative video on their popular YouTube channel on our car mats. Many more articles in magazines, online videos, blogs, and forums are available online.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read about We have included our mission statement below because it is who we are here at

Mission Statement of

To have unprecedented customer service, where we truly care about every customer, their car and finding the right mats for them.

To manufacture a full range of custom auto mat products using a variety of new, innovative and traditional materials for unlimited customer choices. Classic Cars to New Cars.

To provide unquestionable Quality, Fit and Safety Protection on every car mat we sell.

To constantly be looking for new and better materials and constantly improving our products and services every day.

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