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'60 Morgan Plus 4 //M&M

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M&M 5

Welcome to the first M&M Monday of the Fall! 

For our transition into the new season, we have the candy and cream-coated Morgan Plus 4 DHC to match the colors of autumn. This 1960 model is the predecessor to the 4/4 and Plus 8, which were picked up in 1985 following a 16-year hiatus. With new features like hydraulic brakes (initially all drums), the vehicle was highly coveted by all. Attributes like these made the car great for casual driving and, in some cases, stamina racing! That’s right, the +4 won the 1962 24 hours of Le Mans driven by Chris Lawrence and Richard Shepherd-Brown. Though this was the staple of competitive excellence for the vehicle, it was far from the win that paved the way for the plus 4’s racing history into the future. HFS Morgan drove the prototype 4-4 in the MCC Exeter Trial in December of 1935. The mahogany dashboard, red leather seats, and natural white Cocomats make this the perfect vehicle to accompany the falling leaves!

M&M 5

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