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'65 Land Rover Series IIA //M&M

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M&M 3

Welcome back to the next edition of M&M Monday! 

This week we have the ruggedly handsome 1965 Land Rover Series IIA 88" Soft Top! This unorthodox canvas top vehicle was originally inspired by the Jeeps utilized during World War II but differentiated itself immediately upon its introduction to the market. The series IIA is considered to be one of if not one of the most classic models that Land Rover has ever produced, this can be attributed to its many appearances in popular culture and television, specifically within other countries most notably, Africa for its use within the film Born Free. In early 1968, months after the Rover Company was eventually absolved by the Leyland Motor Company following heavy government pressure, they then celebrated 20 years of production within the industry. At this time, total production was close to 600,000 total vehicles, over 70% of which being exported to different countries, further demonstrating the impact of the model not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Inside the car to match the Mid Grey exterior, lies a set of no. 53 black/gray mats to accompany any the certain adventures that will take place!

M&M 3

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