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'85 Ferrari 308 GTB //M&M

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M&M 4

Hi all, and welcome back to our next installment of M&M Monday! 

This week we have the 1985 Ferrari 308 GTB. Styled by Italian design firm Pininfarina, this sleek model was introduced to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 1975 and was quick to replace the two seated Dino 246 prior to the brands assumption of the Ferrari badge. The 308 was most notably recognized for its appearances in Magnum P.I, where Thomas Magnum played by Tom Selleck drove the 308 around the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu. A new 308 was used for each season of the show’s duration, most of which being auctioned off after filming, but all maintaining the iconic “ROBIN 1” license plate. After just a moment of looking at the vehicle, it’s evident that this sheer beauty of a car deserves all the screen time it has been given.

On the inside to match that classic tan interior and the red finish is a set of our Jaspe mats, black and tan of the mats coordinate perfectly.

M&M 4

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