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'87 Porsche 911 //M&M

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Welcome back to our next installment of M&M Monday!

This week we have a 1987 Porsche 911. In the early 80’s, Porsche had planned on taking the illustrious 911 off the market, completely replacing its absence with extra production of the front-engine V8 designed 928. Following a series of progressive changes made to the vehicle in that same time frame, by 1984 the 911 had cemented itself within the mind of Porsche America CEO at the time, Peter Schutz, stating:

I noticed a chart on the wall of Professor Bott's (the (Porsche board member responsible for the lines of all development and engineering) office. It depicted the ongoing development schedules for the three primary Porsche product lines: 944, 928 and 911. Two of them stretched far into the future, but the 911 program stopped at the end of 1981. I remember rising from my chair, walking over to the chart, taking a black marker pen, and extending the 911 program bar clean off the chart. I am sure I heard a silent cheer from Professor Bott, and I knew I had done the right thing. The Porsche 911, the company icon, had been saved, and I believe the company was saved with it.

To accompany the stunning Guards Red exterior of the vehicle, is an equally pleasing set of #51 Black Red Coco to tie the look together.

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M&M 2

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