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'91 Jeep Grand Wagoneer //M&M

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M&M 7

Welcome back to our special Halloween edition of M&M Monday!

For this week, we have a ghostly white 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Although it has been out of production since 1991, it was once the longest domestically produced vehicle (being made for 29 years from 1963-1991). Neatly enough, it was almost never redesigned within this timeframe as the rigid structure was durable and equally elegant for its time. Another big selling point of the car was its ability for multipurpose use. Widely considered the first SUV, it could do both duties of a family vehicle and a half-ton truck simultaneously. The Grand Wagoneer is praised for being the pioneer of the market and paved the way for cars far into the future, including the Escalade. This awesome-looking Wagoneer is equipped with a set of Jaspe Cocomats alongside the tan interior, making for an optimal fall look!

M&M 7

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