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A Ferrari for the Whole Family


Hello again dear readers!

Do you ever have car dreams? I know I certainly do. For some reason, this past week was pretty heavy on motor fantasies. Last night, I dreamed that I was buying a Buick Roadmaster with a monster-truck lift. Why? Because that would be ridiculous and awesome. A few nights ago, my subconscious cooked up something much more practical and even more excellent - a Ferrari FF with four doors and a sizable trunk space.

I suppose it’s because I’m a father of two young children that I’m thinking more practically when it comes to dream machines. This Ferrari was similar to a Porsche Panamera, and it was called the FFF or Triple-F. The actual FF stands for “four-wheel-drive four-seater,” but in my case the extra F was for “four-door.”

The body style was also slightly different than the standard FF because of the extra two doors. The real FF is a grand tourer with a truly blunt hatchback design, whereas mine had more of a traditional sports car hatch that sloped off similar to the Panamera and hinged at the top of the rear glass, providing ample trunk space for a stroller and groceries. I know, the mini-van/SUV comparisons are cringe-worthy, but bear with me.

My mean machine produced over 700-hp, up almost 50-hp from the traditional FF. It also hit 60-mph in just over three seconds, and this performance didn’t even take a hit at full occupancy with four adults.

So, if anyone at headquarters in Maranello or Amsterdam is reading, there is a market for a four-door Ferrari grand-tourer. Luca di Montezemolo and Sergio Marchionne may seriously disagree with me, as both have sworn off ever producing SUVs, sedans, and electrics, but a boy can dream right?

-Trey Fennell

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