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A Holiday Blog

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A Holiday Blog

We are geared up at the Cocomats factory in Fort Mill, SC, for the holiday season. While many steps go into the production of your mats, I think it’s wonderful that the people who make them care so much about the product we send to you. When our mats reach your home, each one will be handled by no less than 7 different people. Every one of us appreciates your choice of our mats for your floor covering. This time of year the car is so important whether it is used for going shopping, hiding gifts, escaping the holiday craziness with a hot cup of tea/coffee in a parking lot, or just climbing into the car when the house looks like a bomb went off in it; your car can be your haven.

When I was young, we played cop shows in the car, and I can always remember the grit on the floor of my best friend’s father’s Plymouth. He was a New York policeman and his car smelled of gasoline and cigarettes. We would dig for coins down the seat and always play “Manix.” These days our cars are a lot more pristine, but they still represent who we are. At work, Joe has a “Mothman" strapped to the front of his car, and it makes me smile when I walk by it because that’s “so Joe.”

Many of our customers remember Cocomats in their first cars or their joy in saving for them because they were such an extravagant purchase. Our company is dedicated to making you feel as excited as when you were young. We want you to open your box, hurry to your car, and put the mats in, feeling great about your choice. We have a memo line on our order sheet and it is fantastic to read what people say. We get notes such as the number of purchases, who it’s for, reasons for the purchase, and sometimes just this amazing line that says, “I love your product.” Every order is a reason for Thanksgiving, and we hope our mats give you the joy we all have in making them.

A Holidays Blog

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