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Bye-bye Beetle


This past week, Volkswagen made an historic announcement. The original Volkswagen, the Beetle, is going into retirement. Although this isn’t the first time VW has put the Beetle out to pasture, they’re insisting that this time it is final.

As we’ve discussed many times here at Cocomats, the Beetle was the preeminent German car of World War II. Hitler himself actually commissioned the Beetle as the primary vehicle for the German military. As we discussed last week, the Beetle actually ceased production during the latter part of the war since the platform was actually being used to build VW’s version of the Jeep.

Although time will only tell if the Beetle stays in retirement, as of right, you still through 2019 to purchase yourself an icon of ‘60s counterculture and one of the most famous cars of all time.

-Trey Fennell

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