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Curse of Cape Town and the Black Volga


Welcome back, CocoMats family, to our 13 Cursed Cars of Halloween special! Today, we’re looking at two international urban legends whose truth might be even stranger than fiction.

First, we travel to Cape Town, a land that is no stranger to urban legends and superstition. Though the Pinky Pinky and the Mermaids of Kaloo might belong more in the realm of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the mysterious events surrounding today’s first car have been confirmed by multiple witnesses. The infamous Renault Megane of Cape Town was witnessed turning itself on and off and “jumping backwards” by at least nine onlookers and two police officers. The event was even reported to Renault, who studied the vehicle and determined that the mysterious behavior was officially linked to a faulty starter cable, but most locals believe that since no keys or driver were present, something more sinister was at hand.

Our second car is more of an actual ghost story from Poland that has existed since at least the 1960s. The Black Volga has supposedly appeared throughout Poland at various times over the years, often described as materializing out of nowhere beginning with the sound of squealing tires and a cloud of tires smoke. Many locals believe that the car is driven by Satan himself, while others say that the drivers of the vehicle have kidnapped unsuspecting victims for organ harvesting.

Cursed cars clearly aren’t an American phenomenon as there are countless stories from all around the world about the mysterious comings and going of a number of different cars and motor vehicles. Join us tomorrow for two tales from across the pond, the Phantom Bus of London and the Ghost Crash of Surrey. As always, keep it spooky, dear readers, and we’ll see tomorrow...as long as the Black Volga doesn’t come for you in the night!!

-Trey Fennell

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