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Down and Out in Rust Valley


During the holiday break, I discovered a new binge-worthy show on Netflix. I’m always looking for new car shows, and I’m partial to restoration, muscle cars, and hot rods, so when I came acrossRust Valley Restorers, I was instantly hooked.

Originally airing on Canada’s History Channel,Rust Valley Restorersfollows owner Mike Hall and his son Connor, along with Mike’s right-hand-man Avery. Mike has spent the last 40 years collecting classic rust buckets in his massive junkyard in British Columbia. The trio pull together impressive builds of classic American and Canadian cars and trucks from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, often to great comedic effect.

Mike and Avery are the two main builders, but they employ a half-dozen body men and fabricators to pull off some really unique builds. Mike wants most every car restored to bone-stock classic status, while Connor often butts heads with his dad over updating cars with more modern accoutrements like racing bucket seats and steering wheels, new handles, lights, and fixtures, and more power to appeal to younger buyers.

Rust Valleys Restorers is a show much like its subjects - it’s off the beaten path and a bit odd-ball. But it’s definitely worth a quick, eight-episode binge. Come for the engineering and eye candy, and stay for the hijinks and camaraderie.

-Trey Fennell

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