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I’ll Be a Bad Boy for Life


Happy Monday, dear readers! We hope everyone had an excellent Easter weekend. Hopefully everyone enjoyed some merriment or restful leisure. I had the opportunity to watch the newBad Boys for Lifefilm, the latest in the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence-helmed action comedy franchise. The films have always been a masterclass in over-the-top stunts and outrageous driving sequences, and each one has featured at least one epic chase scene with Mike Lowery’s ( Will Smith) current Porsche 911.

If you know anything about Natural Auto Products or Cocomats, you know that we are diehard Porsche fans; the German marquee is our favorite manufacturer by far. One thing you may not know is that our family also has quite the library of action-driving films. FromGone in Sixty Seconds(the original and the Nicholas Cage remake) to theFast and Furiousfilms and the classics - especially those starring Steve McQueen.Bad Boysis one of my favorite franchises that always includes fantastic driving sequences.

In the original film, the two cops chased down an airplane full of narcotics and villains on a runway in a 1995 911 Turbo. Mike Lowery’s driving skills almost always lead to his partner Marcus Burnett’s near-vomiting in the car while the two rocket along in a flurry of 100-mile-per-hour antics and e-brake turns.

In the second film, there is a famous chase scene where the two titular bad boys end up in a vehicular gunfight with a group of thugs in a massive truck that is towing a small yacht. And in this most recent entry, the film opens with a riotous driving sequence in a 2020 911 that actually turns out to be a race to the hospital for Burnett to meet his daughter who is in labor. Throughout the scene, Lowery pitches the car around tractor-trailers and oncoming traffic, driving in reverse and even ending up cruising for about a mile on Miami Beach.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to catch theBad Boysfilms, or you just weren’t all that interested, then I wholly recommend them. Watch for the awesome 911 stunt driving, and stay for the manic action sequences and hilarious buddy comedy laughs. You may just end up being aBad Boysfan for life.

-Trey Fennell

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