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Let go of my LEGO!


There are lots of great things about having kids. One of the best things is getting to revisit activities and toys that I haven’t seen since I was young. I’ve always been a huge fan of LEGO, and I got my son into building sets when he was around three or four years old. Since then, his imagination and building skills have gone wild, and he is making bigger and more complex creations all the time.

I was discussing this with a friend recently, and he informed me that LEGO has released some very intricate and impressive models under their Technic line that are geared more towards adult enthusiasts and collectors. Of course, the first thing I did was head over to Amazon (quarantine shopping, of course) and check out these amazing sets. Among the kits that I found were heavy duty cranes with functional parts, Chinook helicopters with electric motors to rotate the blades, and most impressively, a Porsche GT3, an Aston Martin, and a McLaren each with working lights and motorized wheels.

I’ll most likely never own an amazing supercar, and I’ll definitely never get to take one apart and rebuild it, but LEGO offers really incredible 4000+ piece kits that are fun and realistic handheld facsimiles of that experience. The Porsche GT3 is particularly eye-catching with very intricate engine parts, at least as far as a LEGO set can offer. This level of detail does not come cheap, though, with each set retailing for around $200 to $250 USD. Still, it feels worth it for something that you can take apart and reconfigure in a variety of ways to build anything your heart desires.

I shared my findings with my next-door neighbor, who is also my best buddy and running partner, and he let me know that his 88-year-old father has actually built all three of the sets that I had my eye on and that he was moving on to some of the bigger builds of construction equipment. He promised to get me some pictures soon to share with all of you dear readers. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to revisit your childhoods and check out these incredible LEGO sets for yourselves.

-Trey Fennell

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