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Unless you haven’t been paying attention, Ford has taken a massive leap forward with the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. And yes, you read that correctly - Mustang Electric SUV. Now don’t get me wrong, dear readers, I love this new direction in a big way, but the question still remains: is it really a Mustang?

First, from the ground up, the Mach-E is a completely different car from the Mustang coupe. In fact, it was never intended to be a Mustang in the first place. It began as a front-wheel-drive electric crossover, and then switched to rear-wheel-drive before being completely reworked as an electric SUV. For the most part, it was an inside joke between the design team, many of whom previously designed the Mustang coupe. Ultimately, they decided that it felt like a powerful and beautiful enough car to earn the moniker.

The marketing and the press definitely worked - the Mach-E was released to insane sales numbers far beyond what was ever predicted. The Ford-engineered electric motors put forth 266-hp and the GT hits 365-hp and around 4 seconds from 0-60mph. Motortrend insists that the war over the Mustang name will rage on, in their minds, it is worthy, and I can’t help but agree! So give it a shot, dear readers, and let us know what you think!

-Trey Fennell

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