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March Milestones

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The month of March is when many of us think of cleaning off the winter grime and sprucing up our vehicles. At Cocomats, we are excited to see our new line of floor mats finally reach you after many months of choosing amazing colors and designs that will complement any interior. We think you will be excited to see what’s “coming down the turnpike.”

March also has a few incredible milestones in automotive history. In March of 1952, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its 300 SL model to the world. In 1961 Jaguar introduced the E-Type at the Geneva Motor Show. On March 9, 1964, Ford produced the first Mustang, a white convertible powered by a 260cid V-8. On March 8, 1969, Pontiac unveiled its first Firebird Trans Am. On March 1, 1985, Carroll Shebly turned out his first Shelby GLH-S at the Shelby Automobiles facility in Whittier, California. If this isn’t enough, BMW took it one step further with a sports prototype race car called The March-BMW M1/C, also known as the March 81P, which was designed, developed, and built by British constructor March Engineering.

As March 2023 roars in, give a thought to these amazing cars, many of which we are still making mats for, and the people/companies that produced them.


Jay Leno's 300SL Gullwing with Coco #22 Black Herringbone

Jaguar E Type with Coco #11 Red and White

Ford Mustang with Coco #12 Black and White

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