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Must Love Cars

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February Blog

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whether you love or hate it, February 14th is a time when we remember those we love. I remember a Valentine’s Day in California when I found my car covered in roses, only to discover that a neighbor had had all hers cut off the night before. I say no more on that subject.

When you have a car, or access to a car, you can finally experience freedom. The car takes you where you want to go, stores your stuff, allows you to visit new places, lets you get a job where you can drive to work, gives you a place to escape when the world gets too much, and at the end of the day it can unite families when everyone piles in for a road trip. It doesn’t matter what brand, style, type, color, or design you choose for your vehicle, it is yours and worthy of love.

When people talk about cars, they speak a universal love language. When attending a car show, talking to customers, or when people discover we make all-natural car floor mats, such interesting conversations ensue with perfect strangers and all prompted by the love of a vehicle.

On this Valentine’s Day spend a moment remembering your first car, the first person you took on a date in that car, the first time you kissed in the car, or maybe the time you stole a few minutes before walking into the house with your head on the steering wheel maybe praying that your son didn’t cut off all the neighbors beautiful roses in the middle of the night for some girl he just met.

February Blog

1996 Porsche 911 C4S with Coco #11 Red and White

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