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Ode to Opulence, with a side of Bimmer


We have possibly ventured into Christopher Nolan’s film Inception; over the weekend, car-Twitter lit up with photos of a BMW M4 towing a trailer in Taiwan. This wasn’t just any trailer, however, but the chopped rear-end of another M4, painted to match. People have been trying to find the owner to ask them how and why they chose to go this route, but as of yet, there is no answer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen other car owners who loved their cars so much that they chopped the wrecked front-end off of a total loss to pull behind them on longer hauls. And we all remember the Prowler with its lookalike trailer that came as a dealer option.

But this owner has done something different. They have pushed car accessories into the stratosphere. They’ve taken the rear of a high-performance vehicle – and a very recent model with paint that matches the main vehicle perfectly – and made a statement to conspicuous consumption, which I absolutely love. It is Crazy Rich Asians in real life.

This ode to excess is a perfect symbol for 2019. It reminds me of the DirecTV “Opulence, I has it” commercial with the guy in the gilded mansion surrounded by butlers and beautiful women and a tiny giraffe on a pillow that he kisses. No one actually needs an M4, but we all love them, so seeing one halved like this is somewhat heartbreaking, but this person went out of their way to buy two (assuming the trailer wasn’t a wreck) and just chop one up. I would imagine that the rest of the car got sold off for parts, but I honestly hope there is more to it than that. I imagine the owner having the front-end sitting in their backyard like a ridiculously over-the-top grownup treehouse. They saw a gap that they could fill in their own special way, and they went for it. So that’s our Monday, dear readers, drink it up!

-Trey Fennell

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