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Power Through


The Dodge Power Wagon has always occupied a unique area in my automotive dreams. I love the idea of a hardcore, dedicated four-wheel-drive platform, and Dodge has consistently delivered since 1945. The reason why I focus on this particular beast is because of a truck stop display that I stumbled across during our family road trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

I often find that truck stops are mostly run-of-the-mill affairs with areas for fueling, feeding, and fun - who hasn’t seen a hundred of those giant arcades and slot machines in the back of every Speedway or Shell right off the highway? Well, the Kenly 95 Petro station in North Carolina is an experience in and of itself. Inside, there is a hot pink Peterbilt on full display, along with a retro 1940s bright red Power Wagon. Kenly doesn’t mess around with their stylized accents on each attraction - they’ve named the Peterbilt truck “The Prowler,” and it even has a touchpad and information station that walks you through the history of the company and the trucks themselves. There is also a random display of Captain Jack Sparrow at the end of one aisle of pirate-themed snacks, and an oddly placed Ghostrider Harley Davidson complete with the Black Rider and his flaming skull.

As flashy as all of that is, the old 1940s Power Wagon that is displayed climbing a large pile of rocks is really what set my heart on fire. The oversized tires are in a constant stance of hard work, and the wench on the front is shiny and ready to tow The Prowler out of any muck or danger. The brilliant red pops off like a fire and rescue vehicle that is sent out to save the day. The scene is perfectly curated to scream, “adventure at the ready!” And it was the exact shot in the arm that I needed to help me push through the last three or four hours of the drive.

So, dear readers, if you ever find yourselves at exit 106 on the I-95 in Kenly, North Carolina, stop over and check out the Power Wagon and the Prowler at Kenly 95 for a perfect truck stop treat.

-Trey Fennell

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