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Riker’s Rocketing Ride


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There is quite a lot of talk these days about electric cars and their ability to produce amazing acceleration and speed due to their light weight and the nature of having four electric motors providing power in lieu of one larger engine. But did you know, dear readers, that almost 120 years ago today, a land-speed vehicle record was broken for electric cars?

The Riker Torpedo Racer, built by inventor and industrialist Andrew Riker, only came in third in the one-mile race that Riker had set up to show off his latest battery-powered wonder. However, the blistering speed of 57 miles per hour was quite fast for any car at the time, let alone one being propelled by an electric motor.

Riker’s Torpedo was an inspiration to Elon Musk in his pursuit of high-speed electric glory, and it is 120-year-old proof that light weight and a strong battery can create some serious power.

-Trey Fennell

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