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Sustainability of a Product

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The first of the year prompts most of us to purge ourselves of the clutter that has accumulated in our homes and cars. Passing items on is a great way to practice social responsibility, and honestly, it makes you feel a little better about giving away those items you once thought you couldn’t live without.

if we can fix it,
           we will.

At Cocomats, we anticipate an exciting new 2023 where we will be able to add even more choices of colors and materials to our already broad pallet. Our primary focus will be to continue to provide you with exemplary customer service and a product that continues to weather the test of time.

We stand in awe of the customer who sends in their mats from the 1960s and asks if we can sew a new heel pad over a hole. Our response to that question is always in the affirmative: if we can fix it, we will. The other surprising note about our product is that many of our customers keep their mats after selling their cars. Whenever possible, we can modify those mats to fit another vehicle.

The sustainability of a product depends not only on the product itself but also on the individual’s willingness to keep using it. It is our job as a company to do whatever we can to keep Cocomats relevant in the life of your vehicles. We want you to look at your mats and feel the same way about them in the future as the day you got them.


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