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The 330 Limited Golden “Evil”


We’ve decided to continue the CocoMats blog every day leading up to October 31 with our 13 Cursed Cars for Halloween! Creepy side note - 31 backwards is 13. How delightfully eeeevil!

Today brings us back stateside for the killer car that was the inspiration for Stephen King’s Christine,a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited nicknamed them Golden Eagle. For its purported kill count of 14 people, it is the most cursed car in America, leaving us to wonder why it’s not called the GoldenEvil(sorry, dad joke!).

The 330 was one of Dodge’s more unremarkable vehicles. Built on the B-body, it only lasted for three production years from 1962 to 1964. However, it is this short production span coupled with the infamy of our particular Limited and it’s association with a horror film that makes it one of the more collectible of Dodge’s basic mid-size vehicles.

Owner Wendy Allen says that car was originally purchased as a police cruiser but was retired after its three police owners each died in bizarre murder-suicides, all three taking their entire families with them. However, those 14 deaths are only the confirmable cases associated with the car. Allen claims that the body count is actually far higher, with more than twice as many deaths of those connected to the vehicle.

After the car was retired from the Maine police department and sold to a local church, it was vandalized several times throughout the 1980s and 1990s before being sold to Wendy Allen’s family. Each of the vandals was killed in freak accidents including more than one decapitation by 18-wheeler and four different lightning strikes. Although no one in Allen’s family was hurt or killed, she says that strange events would occur while the car was being driven, including doors flying open at high speeds on the interstate and sudden acceleration and deceleration without any input from the drivers.

Indeed, it sounds like the haunted 330 Limited Golden Eagle truly was a Golden Evil, and it is no surprise that Stephen King would be attracted to the legends surrounding it when writing one of his most famous works. Stay tuned, dear readers, for more cursed cars as we count down our 13 favorite haunted classics throughout automotive history. Keep it spooky, fans!

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