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The Wild Wild Westfalia


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I have always wondered what my zombie apocalypse vehicle would be. There are some pretty cool armored trucks from the super cool Steel Wheels 4x4, to converted RVs and GMC box trucks, to a real-life version of the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle from the movie Stripes. However, for my money, the coolest way to ride out an onslaught of the undead is the VW Type-2 Bus Westfalia convertible camper.

Long have I dreamed of a convertible van like the A-Team’s GMC but with a livable interior, and although I was familiar with the Westfalia, I didn’t quite understand that it is so much more than a standard conversion van. The Westfalia VW is so rugged, durable, and surprisingly practical that it puts other conversion vans and trucks to shame.

Westfalia is actually an aftermarket company that cut the tops and fabricated the convertible pop-top camper tops. They were actually purchased by VW but continued to do conversions for GMC, Ford, and Mercedes vans and cargo vehicles. Most of those applications are for work purposes, but the Westfalia Type-2 is built purely for recreation, with interior curtains, room for a mattress, and even a dedicated cooking space in some vehicles. The best part about it, though, is the fact that it can be used purely as a practical everyday driver.

At Natural Auto Products, we’re all suckers for a good old Type-2, and the Westfalia camper conversion just makes it that much more appealing for a weekend at the beach or a bug-out vehicle for any the zombie apocalypse. Just make sure to install a tough aftermarket brush guard if you plan on using yours to mow down legions of the undead.

-Trey Fennell

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