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Walter Chrysler


Walter Chrysler was born April 2nd, 1985. Begining in Wamego, Kansas, Walter Chrysler followed in his father's footsteps and started life working for the railroad. As he rose through the industry, Walter switched from locomotive to automotive by becoming a plant manager of GM's Buick division. Planting both feet in the auto world, Walter was able to save two car companies from collapse; the Willys-Overland Company, followed by the Maxwell-Chalmers Company. Maxwell-Chalmers soon became the Chrysler Corporation. Later, the Chrysler Corporation would purchase the Dodge Motor Company and become one of the top Automotive Companies in the world. By 1935 Walter Chrysler would retire as President, and 5 years later would pass away at the age of 65. Considered an Automotive Genius, Walter Chrysler will forever be etched in Auto History.

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