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Who Won Last Night? We Did.


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Hello, dear readers! Hopefully everyone enjoyed that annual smorgasbord of Sunday night entertainment; whether you showed up for the game, the ads, the halftime show, or all three, there was quite a lot to unpack. I always look forward to the car commercials because they seemed to go bigger and bigger every year for quite some time, but the last few Super Bowl Sundays have left me a bit deflated. That was not the case last night, for sure, with one of America’s most recognizable and iconic brands.

Jeep’s ad took center stage with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen’s first ever appearance in an commercial. The ad, The Middle, did not really focus on Jeep’s new models or sales at all, but instead leaned into a message of unity and togetherness to bring attention to the vast wound in our country that we must all work towards healing. With a message that could have come off as either corny or patronizing, Springsteen and Jeep threaded the needle in a two-and-a-half minute video that felt truly earnest and will probably be studied in media and advertising classrooms for years to come.

-Trey Fennell

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