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Starting at $199.95

Cocomats were first developed for cars in the 1950's; Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other European manufacturers used cocomats as a standard car mats in their automobiles. New and updated with a nibbed rubber back, our Cocomats come in 16 different color combinations to complement the interior and exterior of any classic or new car. Coconut fibers are a natural fibre that have been used for decades for their durability, strength and elegant appearance. Coco Mats are a woven mat that look great, protect your original carpet, while also hiding dirt and keeping grit from sitting on top of your mats.

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See the quality and how not all Coco Mats are created Equeal


2 Piece Set....................$199.95
4 Piece Set....................$299.95
3 Piece Set....................$374.95
1 Driver............................$110.00
2 Rears.............................$100.00
1 Runner..........................$175.00
1 Trunk................Small $175.00
                    Medium $250.00
                       Large $335.00


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Porsche 911 Car Mat Premium Quality

Rip Proof Vinyl Fabric Edging

High quality leather like vinyl edging in complementary colors to enhance and protect the sides of our cocomats.

Signature Heel Pad

Specially design for quality and function. Our Signature Heel Pad will keep you feet in place, while preventing damage to the matting.

Tight Woven Coir Matting

Top grade Anjengo yarn that has been spun to our stringent specifications. With a tighter weave our mats last longer and keep quality.

1/8" Natural Rubber with Nibbed Bottom

Our signature heavy rubber bottom moulds to your floor while the soft nibs prevent the mat from moving.

Mat Attachments & Grommets

Mat Attachments / Grommets refers to how car manufacturers secure their factory floor mats to the floors of their vehicles. The use of mat attachments is relatively “new” to the automotive industry, however as of late has become a staple aspect of floor mats for automobiles. Almost every car manufacturer uses a different type of mat attachment method ranging from Snap Posts, Twist Posts, Hooks, or Velcro tabs. has developed several Grommet “receivers” that will work seamlessly with your vehicles attachment. Please view for further reading, photos & videos.

Car Floor Mat Snap Mat Attachment
Car Floor Mat Twist Mat Attachment
Car Floor Mat Hook Mat Attachment
Car Floor Mat Velcro Mat Attachment

Snap Post

Twist Post



Need Help Deciding on a Color?

Virtual Color Swatch

Click here to visit our Virtual swatch pages. Just open up the page on your ipad, tablet, iphone or smart phone and select the material and color of your choice. Place the device on the floor of your car to see a true rendition of how this car mat color will look. For more colors simply swipe the screen left or right. When you find your favorite, simply tap the screen once and a caption will drop down informing you of the color name and number.

Physical Color Swatch

Still not sure? Swatches are availble for $2 a piece + Free Shipping. Just go to our Order Swatch Page or give us a call. Also, we always appreciate it if you mail swatches back to us after you have made your decision so that we can recycle them to other customers.

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