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Frequently Asked Questions

#01 I found cheaper cocomats online. Do you sell your CocoMats thru catalogs like Auto Sport Catalog, Roadworks Auto?

No we do not sell thru Auto Sport Catalog, Auto Anything or Roadworks Auto. We get asked this question all the time but the question that should really be asked is "Are all cocomats made the same" and the answer is NO. Just like many other products, you have Companies that manufacturer to the highest standards and you have other Companies that copy the look of those products but use lower quality materials and can therefore sell for a cheaper price. We have put together the below information about the differences between the two Cocomats.

See how not all coco mats are created equal.

#02 What are Cocomats and why would I want them?

Cocomats are a woven all natural car mat made from yarn of the husks of coconuts. Cocomats began being used by European auto manufacturers including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW as the floor mat of choice for the cars floor. They were the Original Auto mat. When looking at the difference between Cocomats and regular carpet or rubber floor mats, there are many great benefits that our improved Cocomats offer.

i. One of the best benefits is that they hide dirt that is tracked into your car. Our Cocomats are woven and not a pile like a regular carpeted mat. If you look onto the floor in any car with a carpet or rubber floor mat, you will notice little pebbles, sand, dirt, etc.. sitting on top. With Cocomats, dirt filters through the mat and gets trapped at the rubber bottom. Every couple of weeks you just need to take out your mats and shake them out and all of the dirt comes out.

ii. Our Cocomats do not move or slide around. Most factory and aftermarket floor mats will slide around and bunch up at the accelerator pedal. This is due to the fact that most mats are light and flimsy and do not have the weight or the rubber nibbed bottom that our Cocomats have. Our new Cocomats won't slide around or bunch up at the accelerator pedal because we have adhered our top coco matting to a 1/8" natural rubber, nibbed bottom, which is heavy.

iii. Our Cocomats have a great and unique look to them. The intricate weave adds to the beauty of the mat. They are also a natural fiber so it softens the look in your car. We offer 24 Coco color combinations and 9 sisal colors, which will complement almost any vehicle interior.

#03 Do you have the pattern for my car?

We have the patterns for almost every automobile, including every Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and BMW pattern. If you have a car that we do not have the pattern we will (1) try and locate the pattern or (2) we will contact you and ask for your help in making us a pattern. Visit Modifying and Making a Pattern web page for more information on making car floor mat patterns.

#04 What happened to the original Cocomats?

The original idea behind Cocomats was that they were used in cars before carpet, when there was only rubber on the floor. They were the original Auto Mat. The coco material acted as a kind of carpet but with the benefit that it allowed dirt and sand to filter through the coco material, so you did not see it on the top of the rubber floor matting. Porsche, VW, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Triumph and many other European cars were like this. Cocomats were a big hit back in the 60's and 70's, even after carpet was introduced. As far as we have been able to determine, there were two U.S. Companies and One Company in Germany supplying Cocomats during the 60's and 70's, when they were popular. The Cocomats during this period did not include any rubber backing and their quality depended upon which manufacturer you purchased from. Cocomats were sold through New and used Car dealers, Accessory shops, Catalogs, etc. We have also seen many Porsche and Mercedes original sales stickers that included Cocomats from the factory and we have copies of several factory accessory catalogs from Mercedes Benz, Porsche and BMW that list Cocomats as a factory accessory. These original factory Cocomats were the highest quality and came from the German manufacturer. One of the U.S. Manufacturers from the 1970's was in Southern California and one was in Illinois, which later was sold and moved to Georgia. The German Company mostly supplied to the auto manufacturers and new car dealers and when the auto manufacturers stopped buying Cocomats in the late 1970's, they discontinued making cocomats. From what we have been able to discern from customers and other suppliers, the Company in Southern California went out of business do to some family problems. The Company in Illinois, which was later bought and moved to GA just kind of phased out of Cocomats as there many other product lines were growing. During this period and up to this day, all of the coconut fiber material for Cocomats originated in Southern India.

#05 What is the difference between sisal and coco?

Many people interchange these two words. In actuality they are two different materials and offer two distinct looks and feel. Coco fibers come from the husks of coconuts and sisal fibers comes from the leaves of a cactus plant called Agave Sisalana. Coco matting uses a larger and harder yarn than sisal matting and is available in a herringbone, dot, or basket weave. Sisal matting is available in a small boucle weave and has a little more refined look to it. Both coco and sisal matting are excellent choices for a luxury auto floor mat, and each offer a distinct look and feel.

#06 What if the custom Cocomats I order do not fit?

We guarantee the fit and quality of every set of custom car mats we manufacturer. If there is a problem with the fit, you just need to contact us via telephone, fax or e-mail and we will rectify the problem.

#07 Will your Cocomats shed?

NO! Our Cocomats are made from specially selected yarn from Southern India. We only use a very hard twisted yarn that has been spun to our stringent specifications. This along with the fact that we adhere a rubber bottom to our mats stops any shedding of the fibers!

#08 Will your Cocomats bunch up or slide?

NO! We adhere our coco matting material to a 1/8" natural rubber-nibbed bottom. This keeps the mats from sliding and from bunching up.

#09 What are your Cocomats made from?

Coco matting material is made from the husks of Coconuts, seasoned in fresh and salt water lagoons, the same way that they have been making them for many, many years. We also use sisal in some of our mats. The bottom of our mats are nibbed rubber, our heel pads are from rubber and the edging on the sides are a very tough color coordinated vinyl. We are happy to supply samples of any of our materials upon request for $2 a piece + Free Shipping.

#10 What if I don't like the color I chose?

As all of our mats are hand made to order, and we do not accept returns if a customer does not like the color or if the color does not match their interior. Before purchasing, we provide a link to our virtual swatch page that you can open up in an Ipad or Android tablet to review the colors by placing the tablet on the floor of your car. We are also happy to mail out swatches for $2 a piece + Free Shipping of colors that could work in your car's interior.

#11 What is your Warranty?

We guarantee our Cocomats to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year; however, if you have a problem beyond a year, please contact us so that we can try and rectify the problem. Under normal use, your Cocomats should last in your car for many years, and we want you to be happy with your mats.

#12 Where are your cocomats made?

All of our Cocomats are hand made in our shop in Fort Mill South Carolina.

#13 Do you ship internationally?

Yes we have negotiated excellent international shipping rates with UPS, FedEx and DHL and ship our CocoMats all over the world. For Western Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan we offer fixed rates. For other Countries, please e-mail us with your location and we will reply with a very reasonable quote. Some of the interesting places that we have shipped our CocoMats to are: Russia, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Turkey, Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Chile, China, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Poland, South Africa, France and the Philippines.

#14 What is Fürstil?

Fürstil Auto Mats started in 2014 as our experimental sister company. Fürstil explores different use of textiles as floor mats working with design, functionality, and durability. In a literal translation from German "für stil" means "for style".

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