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The Quality re-introduced the classic coco car mat in 1996. Updated to include a natural rubber nibbed backing, a signature rubber heel pad, leather-like vinyl edging, and top-quality coco matting. Here at, we strive to manufacture and sell only the finest car floor mats using the highest quality materials available. Floor Mats Have 5 Essential Parts

The four different parts that make up a cocomat floor mat.

1. All-Natural Soft Rubber Nibbed Backing (Bottom of Mat). Our mats come with a soft rubber nibbed bottom that molds to your floor and will not move around. For added safety, we incorporate grommets or velcro into our mats where applicable.

Different Quality of Rubber

2. High-Grade Coco Fiber Matting. All coco matting is woven from coir yarn. Coir yarn is spun using the tough fibers extracted from the outer husk of Coconuts, hence the name Cocomats. Coir fibers and yarn have many grades of quality. This grade of yarn and the quality of weaving and dyes determines the ultimate finished product. We use only top-grade Anjengo yarn, which has the most consistent quality. Our factory in Alappuzha, India, uses only the finest dyes to produce our vibrant colors in their state-of-the-art facility.

3. Signature Rubber Heel pad. Our signature rubber heel pad on the driver mat is pressed, hot glued into the matting, and then stitched to lay flush with the mat’s top.

Showing signature rubber heal pad.

4. Tough Vinyl Edging. We use very tough and high-quality leather-like vinyl edging in complementary colors to enhance and protect the sides of our cocomats.

5. Mat Attachments. Mat Attachments refer to a “part” or means by which Car Manufacturers since the late 90s secure floor mats to the floors of their vehicles. Almost every car manufacturer uses a different Mat Attachment method ranging from hooks, posts, twisting mechanisms, or velcro tabs. For cars that utilize a Mat Attachment, has aftermarket and corresponding connections on our mats to secure the mat to the floor. View our Mat Attachments Page for further reading, photos, & videos.

Lastly — Manufacturing and Quality Control. Every mat is Handmade in the USA by American workers. We are proud of every mat that leaves our factory. Our quality control is very high, and a set of our mats will not ship unless it meets our strict standards. Every mat goes through a quality check at each stage of our production steps, ensuring you receive the best product available.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"
-Henry Ford

Thank you for your time,

   The CocoMats Team
Below is a list of Clients we sell to:

AASE Sales
AHL Motorcars
Bergman Autowerks
Briggs Automotive
Bruce L. Adams & Company
Brumos Motor Cars
Bud’s Benz
Classic Heroes
Classic Motor Car
CPR - Classic Restoration
Copley Motorcars
Daniel Schmitt & Co
Emory Motorsports
Garage Vintage
Harrison Motorsport
Jay Leno's Garage
JPS Motorsports
Kalbacher’s Auto
Mercedes-Benz Classic Center
Meyers Manx
Mini Moke
NLA Limited
Park Place
Precision Auto Works
Precision Motorcars
Riva Motorsports
Sandia BMW
Sierra Madre Collection
Special Edition
Theo’s Micro Car
Vintage Speedsters
Willhoit Restoration

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