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How long does it take to Hand-Craft Floor Mats?

Short Answer:

Our Production Queue is currently 3-4 weeks for completion + shipping time. Once completed you will receive an email with shipment tracking information.

Long Answer:

Every mat here at is hand-made to order. This starts with cutting a huge roll of material to size and gluing the cut sheet to our signature-nibbed rubber bottom. Once dried, your vehicles pattern is pulled from our 3000+ template library, and marked accordingly on the material. The sheet is then cut into the pattern shape, creating the first resemblance of what the final product will be.

After being cut, the mat is de-nibbed around the fringe than double stitched around the border. The mat is then trimmed and brought to our Singer Sowing Machine for vinyl edging. Mat attachments (grommets/velcro) are placed and attached accordingly, then Passenger and Rear mats are brought to our shipping department. Driver mats will then go through additional steps for a heel pad. The matting is weight pressed at the heel pad location, a heel pad is glued on, then stitched to hold tight. Once complete the Driver mat is brought to our shipping department where its joined to create a complete set. Our shipping department goes through a final quality control inspection, order information is double checked, then the mats are packed up and stacked to be shipped.

We take pride in our mats and guarantee the quality of every set that leaves our warehouse. While production might take some time, our goal is for you to love our mats as much as we do.


If you have any questions about our Production or Shipping, please contact us by email at or call us at 1(800)461-3533.

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