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We try to stick to classic cars, sports cars, and exotic vehicles here, but every now and again, there is something really out of the ordinary that catches our eye.

Hyundai isn’t typically the stuff of car blog gushing, and neither are small SUVs that aren’t called Porsche, BMW, or Audi. However, with Avengers fever in full swing, the Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition is truly a take-my-money situation.

Coming in at a hefty $3050 on top of the premium-level Kona Ultimate, the Iron Man Edition features everything to help you jump on the Marvel... err... band-“wagon.” A massive Iron Man helmet is emblazoned on the roof of the car, and red-and-white LEDs accentuate the headlights and undercarriage. The rim feature Iron Man center caps, and the hood, fenders, rear door, and grille all have Iron Man emblems in place of the typical Hyundai badges. A two-tone red-and-gunmetal paint scheme helps finish the effect.

Inside, the gauges and interior lights are modeled after the arc reactor in the center of Tony’s chest, the red accents continue around all of the inside trim, and the shifter cover is even has a little Iron Man face-plate on top. For the true Marvel fan, there really never has been a better vehicle.

As previously mentioned, all of that flair comes with an equally flashy price tag, but as far as collector’s items go, this is truly one of a kind. So if Avengers Endgame left you with a Stark-sized hole in your heart, you should definitely act quickly because the Shell-Head-themed ride is a very limited run. Excelsior!

-Trey Fennell

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