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In these troubled times, it’s important to focus on things that are positive. So do you want to hear something cool, dear readers? Yesterday was the anniversary of the birth of the HUMVEE!

Perhaps one of the most awesome vehicles of all time, the AM General HUMVEE was commissioned by the US Army on March 22, 1983. The all-purpose light, four-wheel-drive military truck was created to replace the existing jeeps that were the backbone of American service vehicles for many decades.

HUMVEEs first saw action during Operation Just Cause - the invasion of Panama - in 1989. The most iconic usage of the trucks were the tan variants used throughout the Gulf War. Popular because of its modularity and versatility, the HUMVEE could be heavily armored or lightweight and quick, pickup-style or a fully covered SUV, and equipped with all grades of heavy weaponry from heavy machine guns to grenade launchers.

A civilian version, the Hummer, was marketed by AM General in 1992, and GM took over the license with the release of the H1, H2, and H3, which were smaller and more fuel efficient SUV models. Although the military version is still in wide use, the Hummer has not been produced since 2010, but GM plans on revealing an all-electric version on May 20 of this year, purportedly with 1,000hp and hitting 60mph in 3 seconds. GM is targeting a 2021 release for the new Hummer EV pickup and SUV models. As a huge fan of the original and an EV nerd, I can’t wait to see what they release.

-Trey Fennell

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