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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore


I try to visit Barn Finds and Bring-a-Trailer every few days just to check for any wild inspiration or really unique nuggets that would tempt me to open my wallet. So far, I haven’t found that perfect combination of performance, uniqueness, and budget, but I did find something today that absolutely sparked my interest and really took me back.

Back in high school in the mid-‘90s, my best friend and I worked construction for a summer with this local guy named Ronnie. He was one of the those good ol’ boys with a MacGyver mullet and a KISS tattoo, and he drove an early ‘80s GMC Sonoma that was held together with duct tape and prayers. He bought us our first beers and taught us all sorts of things that our parents didn’t want us to know, like how to get “free” cable and which Krispy Kreme employees would give us the leftover donuts in the back parking lot that were supposed to be disposed of at the end of the night. He was a walking, talking believe-it-or-not story, and I honestly don’t think we ever even knew his last name, but we did know that he worked really hard, and he was very generous and always paid under the table in cash.

So earlier today, when I saw a 1993 GMC Syclone listed on Barn Finds, I immediately thought of Ronnie. The Syclone was one of his two dream cars; the other was the pinnacle of all mullet cars, a T-top Firebird Trans-Am. The Syclone was often referred to during its limited run as the Ferrari-killer thanks to an article from a 1991 issue ofCar and Driverin which the compact pickup held its own - and even outperformed - a number of sports cars that cost many times as much, including a Corvette and a Ferrari, in one of the magazine’s more oddball comparison tests.And it was no surprise; GMC married a turbocharged 4.3L V6 that was capable of a 4.3 second 0-60 to a Borg Warner AWD transfer case, ensuring the tiny Syclone could handle just as well as it could accelerate.

I still remember the day that Ronnie pulled up in his black 1991 Syclone to take us out for a night on the town. My friend and I both assumed that his dream had been just that, but it turned out Ronnie was actually flush with cash and lived very modestly while occasionally splurging on cars, boats, and vacations when he really got the itch. That night, we learned from Ronnie and his “Black Beauty” Syclone to never judge a book by its cover, and that some of the greatest things come in some of the strangest packages.

-Trey Fennell

The Chrysler Story

April is absolutely packed full of interesting automotive firsts and fun facts that deserve their share of attention, including the birth of the Gremlin, which we touched on last week, as well as the birth of Walter Chrysler, the death of Karl Benz, and the birth of one of the first motorized vehicles by Gottlieb [...]

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April Fool’s Day - It’s No Joke!

In the quest for the perfect April 1 post, I discovered this incredible-but-true nugget of automotive nostalgia: on April 1, 1970, AMC released what was perhaps the greatest April Fool’s joke in car history, the AMC Gremlin.Originally conceived of as a shortened, economy version of the Javelin, the Gremlin concept was originally called the AMC-GT [...]

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Outrunning the Roadrunner - Meep-Meep!

Over the weekend, a world record was officially broken. Hennessy, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti have all been trying to break the 300mph speed barrier for a street-legal car, but the M2K Motorsports team finally cracked it in a modified 2006 Ford GT.Ford fans all over the world have been deservedly smug across social media since the [...]

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The Sound and the Fury

Early this morning, I was perusing an article published yesterday on TopGear.com about the new ragtop version of the Mercedes AMG GT R. If you’re not familiar with the GT R, it’s the revved up version of the already-bespoke AMG GT, but this time with 557hp from the 4.0L bi-turbo V8, and some additional body [...]

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Snake Bite

Being married to an economist means that I’m always trying to find ways to maximize my utility and stretch a dollar as far as I can. To this end, I keep a running list of things that I would like to have if I ever see them on sale for a low enough price. For [...]

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Tuckers, Blazers, and Scouts, Oh My!

In reading and researching automotive history, I’ve taken an interest in car safety, especially with the upcoming revolution of self-driving cars. Innovations in safety have frequently become standard features and then ultimately been required by law, such as seat belts and airbags. There are quite a few of us car folks who have the very [...]

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2019 Audi Q8

The evolution of the automotive market has been drifting away from sedans and sports cars for quite a while in favor of crossovers and SUVs. We car folk have often lamented the decline of traditional cars in favor of more practical and family-oriented vehicles as a push towards a watered-down market of cookie-cutter wagons and anti-minivans. In recent years, however, Europe [...]

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Maserati Tuesday

It’s hard to imagine that this past Saturday was the 104th anniversary of the founding of Maserati. As much as automobiles feel like modern creations, especially given how they have impacted everything from how we work to where we live and how our communities are planned, there was a time when they were new, exotic, [...]

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Don’t be Cruella, de Ville.

Yesterday was the 69th anniversary of the one-millionth Cadillac rolling off of the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan. The Series 62 Coupe de Ville is unarguably Cadillac’s most iconic vehicle. The model that marked the landmark production in 1949 was the original C-body that was also the basis for the Buick Roadmaster, the Pontiac Torpedo, [...]

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