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'85 Ferrari 308 GTB //M&M

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M&M 4

Hi all, and welcome back to our next installment of M&M Monday! 

This week we have the 1985 Ferrari 308 GTB. Styled by Italian design firm Pininfarina, this sleek model was introduced to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 1975 and was quick to replace the two seated Dino 246 prior to the brands assumption of the Ferrari badge. The 308 was most notably recognized for its appearances in Magnum P.I, where Thomas Magnum played by Tom Selleck drove the 308 around the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu. A new 308 was used for each season of the show’s duration, most of which being auctioned off after filming, but all maintaining the iconic “ROBIN 1” license plate. After just a moment of looking at the vehicle, it’s evident that this sheer beauty of a car deserves all the screen time it has been given.

On the inside to match that classic tan interior and the red finish is a set of our Jaspe mats, black and tan of the mats coordinate perfectly.

M&M 4

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'65 Land Rover Series IIA //M&M

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'87 Porsche 911 //M&M

— M&M ﹟2 — Welcome back to our next installment of M&M Monday! This week we have a 1987 Porsche 911. In the early 80’s, Porsche had planned on taking the illustrious 911 off the market, completely replacing its absence with extra production of the front-engine V8 designed 928. Following a series of progressive changes made [...]

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M&M Mondays are BACK!

— M&M — Welcome back to M&M (Mats and Models) Monday — the series that highlights customers' vehicles and the mats they have in them! This week we have not just a Volkswagen Beetle, not just a Right-Hand-Drive Beetle, but truly the best of both worlds in the gorgeous Green Patina body. Designed by none other than [...]

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New York, New York!

Photo Source I’m originally from North Carolina, but for seven years, I lived in the DC area, Alexandria specifically. Traffic was insane, but the number of exotic cars and cool restorations on the beltway made driving a real experience. DC is all about diversity, and I really showed in the types of cars that people drove. [...]

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Power Through

The Dodge Power Wagon has always occupied a unique area in my automotive dreams. I love the idea of a hardcore, dedicated four-wheel-drive platform, and Dodge has consistently delivered since 1945. The reason why I focus on this particular beast is because of a truck stop display that I stumbled across during our family road [...]

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Roll Out

Photo Source A few weeks ago, I discussed the Fiat 124 Spyder and its relationship to the Mazda Miata. I was just on a walk with my neighbor, and we were discussing that post and how we would both love to own a 124 or a Miata just to soup up and race on weekends. As [...]

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Moon Over Miami Vice: A Sailor Star Ferrari Story

Photo Source Here’s a deep dark secret: I’ve been obsessed for almost thirty years with a Japanese anime cartoon called Sailor Moon. It came out right about the time I was hitting middle school, and it tells the story of a clumsy, self-conscious girl named Usagi who finds out that she is a Chosen One. Her [...]

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Happy 96th, Chrysler

Photo Source Recently, Chrysler has whittled down its flagship lineup to only four cars - the Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid, the 300, and the Voyager minivan. This is a small catalog when compared to the company’s previous offerings, but Chrysler vehicles also fall under a very wide umbrella, including the Dodge, Jeep, and Ram pickup brands. [...]

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Spyder Baby Wooooo

Photo Source Fiat is a strange automaker, to be sure. I have only just discovered the 124 Spyder after having been such a fan of the Fiat/Lancia/Alfa Romeo platform in my youth. My friends even had a nickname for the Euro speedsters, the - Fi-Lanc-Eo. The Fiat Coupé was an absolute blast and rivaled the [...]

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