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33 & 8C - A Pair or Powerhouses


This year, Alfa Romeo will introduce its new mid-engine sports car, the 8C. While it is named after some of the company’s original V8 roadsters of the 1920s and ‘30s, it has a lot more in common with one of Alfa’s most famous sports cars, the Tipo 33 Stradale.

The 33 was designed with racing in mind. It was originally intended as a one-off competition-only prototype in 1967. However, upon its release, the car was met with such acclaim that Alfa immediately sent it to production. And it’s no wonder; the 33 featured some of the most beautiful lines outside of Maranello, and it introduced the world’s first scissoring doors.

The Tipo 33 was the world’s second mid-engine sports car, arriving one year after the Lamborghini Miura and blowing the doors off of the competition. It’s design was heavily influenced by its Ferrari cousins, with a sharp nose and sweeping g window lines that gave way to a muscular rear quarter. But its main appeal was in the powerful V8 married to such a small car. The 33 was built on a tube frame and weighed only 1500 lbs, effectively putting all of its 230 hp into the pavement at 800 rpms and catapulting it to 60 mph in just over six seconds.

The upcoming 8C looks to mirror many of the same lines as the Tipo 33, and it is rumored to share push some insanely impressive performance specs. Like the 33, the 8C will be a mid-engine V8, but 50 years of improvements come with more than three times the horsepower at an expected 700 hp. Ferrari claims that the new Alfa will easily hit 60 mph in less than three seconds. And fortunately for us, the 8C will be much easier to find considering that on 18 Tipo 33 Stradales were ever built. Ferrari and Alfa are truly giving us more and more to be excited about.

-Trey Fennell

Sergio Marchionne

This past Wednesday, the world lost one of the automotive industry’s most impressive magicians. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler, passed away at age 66.Marchionne had been quite ill over last weekend, but was said to be recovering before his condition took a dramatic turn for the worse. According to Italian media outlet Lettera 43, [...]

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That is What I'd Truly Like to Be

Lately, our blog has focused primarily on some of the fastest and coolest cars ever built. But every now and again, I like to keep it weird. So in honor of its 82nd birthday this past week, I’d like to give a great big shout out to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.When I was in middle [...]

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Little Red Corvette Part 3

For the last two weeks, we’ve talked about the history of the Chevrolet Corvette. It has always been America’s sports car, but it wasn’t until the last few decades that the Corvette truly started competing at an international level in terms of performance and racing.Starting with the fifth generation C5 in 1994, Chevrolet introduce the [...]

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Little Red Corvette Part 2

Last week, we discussed the origins of the Chevrolet Corvette, so this week, it’s only fitting that we talk about some of the greatest classic models of America’s most iconic sports car, and next week, we’ll look at the modern versions that continue to thrill today.Although the very first Corvette that Harley Earl built was [...]

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Little Red Corvette Part 1

This week, we celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July, and there is perhaps no greater symbol of that American spirit of freedom and independence than the Chevrolet Corvette. The first Corvette rolled out of General Motors’ Flint, Michigan assembly plant on June 30, 1953, just in time for the July 4th festivities. This [...]

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Whale Tail Part Two: Chasing Moby Dick

Last week, we talked about the production models and variants of the Porsche 930 Whale Tail, or as it is more commonly known in the US, the 911 Turbo. This week, I wanted to take some time to discuss the racing history of the 911 and its various feats and accolades.As I mentioned in last [...]

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A Whale Tail or a Whale of a Tale?

Sometimes we car guys embellish stories in a manner that would make fishermen blush. I’ve heard more than one whale of a tale in my time, often having to do with how fast someone went, how far they drifted, how they outran the cops, or quite frequently, the amount of horsepower produced under the hood. [...]

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0 to 70

This past Friday, June 8, was the 70th anniversary of the first ever Porsche-badged car. In the past, we discussed the Porsche 356, Ferry Porsche’s first production vehicle and the first car ever to carry the Porsche name. But did you know that there was an ultra-cool, ultra-sleek prototype model dubbed the Silver Bullet by [...]

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Fords First Ride

Today, June 4th, 1896, Henry Ford took his first automobile out of the shed and onto the Detroit streets. He called it, the "Quadricycle." In 1895 Henry Ford was working for Edison Illuminating Company when he read an article in "American Machinist" magazine about the gasoline engine. Then and there he started planing what would be [...]

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