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This buds for you, Clement Studebaker.

Today in automotive history is the birthdate of Clement Studebaker, who - along with his brother Henry - founded H & C Studebaker Company, the blacksmith and wagon shop that would eventually come to manufacture world-famous automobiles under the Studebaker banner.Born in Pennsylvania as the second-oldest of five brothers, Clement moved to Indiana as a [...]

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You can shut the gate on this one, Maxie.

Mel Gibson’s iconic Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor from the original Mad Max films is one of the most famous cars from down under and for a good reason. Over the course of its 56-year run, it was frequently the annual bestseller of all cars in the country, and Max’s overhauled police version was an homage to that [...]

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A Brief History of Holden

Holden has traditionally filled a very large space in the Australian car market and perhaps most importantly responsible for the modern Australian muscle car. While the company no longer produces vehicles as of 2018, manufacturing its final signature Commodores in 2017, it still serves as an auto importer. Holden began as a saddle maker in 1856, [...]

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Leland, Lincoln, Cadillac, and Clippers

I have been combing the annals of automotive history to bring to light some of the more interesting facts and details about our passion. I was brushing up on my American car history, and I discovered that the founder of Lincoln and Cadillac also changed the face of men’s grooming, a fact that left me [...]

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The Big Healeys Finale

54 years ago, this month, came the announcement of the final "Big Healey": The Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III BJ8. This new Austin-Healey had more power, a bigger carburetor and power brakes. The BJ8 continued to be a rally car hit, but sales never performed like the original 3000 Mark I. And as sales fell, so did the 3000. Production [...]

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Small-Block Crocodile Rock

Recently, my son discovered Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” while riding in the car with my mother-in-law. He does the best impression of Sir Elton by a 4-year-old that you’ll ever hear. Of course, this has led to a careful dissection of the lyrics in our house, and we have a hot debate going over the [...]

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3000GT Nostalgia

Guys my age – mid-thirties – are starting to look to the ‘80s and ‘90s as inspiration for our garages. My mom and dad always admired the cars of their youth from the ‘50s and ‘60s, and my granddad has a 1932 Mercedes Roadster that is inspired by the one that the wealthiest guy in his small North Carolina farm [...]

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Natural Ash

In the history of cars, there are quite a few designs and material choices that are pretty far outside of what most of us consider normal. DeLorean made its famous time machine entirely out of steel; this was a very weighty decision for a car that was marketed as an American answer to Italian exotics. Campagna makes the BMW-powered T-REX [...]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 1966 Lincoln Continental

In 1966 the Lincoln Continental was in its Fourth Generation and redesigned off a '61 Thunderbird proposal by Fords Design Vice President, Elwood Engel. The '66 had a 462 cu in 7.6L MEL V8 engine, and road on a stretched version of a 1961 Thunderbird chassis. Dr. King's 1966 Lincoln Continental sported a four door with an Oxford White [...]

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​The Birth of a King and the Restoration of his BMW 507

Today, in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born. 11 years later he would head down to the local Tupelo Hardware Store with his mother, Gladys, for a birthday gift: his first Guitar. To celebrate Big E, here's a fun restoration the BMW Classic Team did of his BMW 507.Elvis 507: A LEGEND REVIVED.link to story [...]

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