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Natural Ash

In the history of cars, there are quite a few designs and material choices that are pretty far outside of what most of us consider normal. DeLorean made its famous time machine entirely out of steel; this was a very weighty decision for a car that was marketed as an American answer to Italian exotics. Campagna makes the BMW-powered T-REX [...]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 1966 Lincoln Continental

In 1966 the Lincoln Continental was in its Fourth Generation and redesigned off a '61 Thunderbird proposal by Fords Design Vice President, Elwood Engel. The '66 had a 462 cu in 7.6L MEL V8 engine, and road on a stretched version of a 1961 Thunderbird chassis. Dr. King's 1966 Lincoln Continental sported a four door with an Oxford White [...]

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​The Birth of a King and the Restoration of his BMW 507

Today, in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born. 11 years later he would head down to the local Tupelo Hardware Store with his mother, Gladys, for a birthday gift: his first Guitar. To celebrate Big E, here's a fun restoration the BMW Classic Team did of his BMW 507.Elvis 507: A LEGEND REVIVED.link to story [...]

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Reynolds Rap

It is difficult to determine just which Burt Reynolds image is the most iconic. Is it sans-mustache playing prison football as Paul “Wrecking” Crewe in The Longest Yard? Or maybe launching a 1977 Firebird Trans Am over a broken bridge to evade sheriff Buford T. Justice in Smokey and the Bandit? Maybe it’s his antics in the cross-country road race Cannonball [...]

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You'll be living in a van down by the river!

If you were to live in a car, what car would it be? With the gig economy in full swing, America has started a renaissance of the Wild West. Cellular technology and wi-fi have made it possible to once again live as a nomad, exploring the country and working when and wherever the opportunity arises. Consider Lyft and Uber. Ride sharing has exploded [...]

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Purple People Eater

Saturday was my 35th birthday, and I inevitably end up spending most birthdays reminiscing about days gone. Almost 20 years ago, my parents bought me my first car - a 1996 Ford Taurus LX. It technically wasn’t my first vehicle; that was the family's ‘89 Silverado diesel which I have mentioned previously. But the Taurus was [...]

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Opulent Doors

Rolls-Royce has quite possibly the best naming convention of any auto manufacturer. The brand is synonymous with opulence, but unlike the elite-sounding Bentley Continental or Arnage, Rolls oozes cool. The Ghost and Phantom sound like the kinds of vehicles that Bond villains should drive, and the Wraith coupe shares a name with a 1980s Charlie [...]

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Blue Jean's 240Z

As Thanksgiving approaches and families reunite, this past week my grandparents came into town. Despite their thorough familiarity with smart phones and technology, Netflix is still and fairly alien concept. When my grandmother discovered that she could watch every episode of Criminal Minds anytime and anywhere she wanted, she was completely sold. The opening first scene in the [...]

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In Defense of the 914

It eschewed the traditional bug-eye headlights and fastback, “sleek-Beetle” design of its predecessors in favor of a decidedly-roadster profile. The pop-up headlights would become the foundation for more refined designs in the 924 and 928. The body lines invoke the British convertibles of the era, and were clearly the proto-1970s evolution of the Karmann Ghia, which almost looked more Porsche than [...]

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This past week was a truly exciting time in my automotive pursuits. I had my first true experience with a virtual reality racing simulator - which I’ll tell you all about in an upcoming post – and I got to spend my Saturday putting my hands on a number of dream machines. In the process of trying to decide exactly [...]

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