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Volvo Part 2

Last week, we started discussing Volvo and their impact on the motor world. This week, we’re going a bit deeper and looking at some of the coolest Volvos to ever hit the streets.Most people associate the Volvo brand name with boxy station wagons, safety, and longevity. It’s true that Volvos are often the longest-running vehicles [...]

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Go, Go Little Volvo!

Hello again, dear readers! At Cocomats, we focus on a lot of different vehicle brands, but one that I don’t think really gets enough love is Volvo. Traditionally, Volvo is seen as the workhorse station wagon that is incredibly safe and will run forever, and this is mostly true, though modern iterations have veered into [...]

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Down and Out in Rust Valley

During the holiday break, I discovered a new binge-worthy show on Netflix. I’m always looking for new car shows, and I’m partial to restoration, muscle cars, and hot rods, so when I came acrossRust Valley Restorers, I was instantly hooked.Originally airing on Canada’s History Channel,Rust Valley Restorersfollows owner Mike Hall and his son Connor, along [...]

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Back to the Future

Hello again, dear readers! While I’ve been spending time with loved ones this holiday season and thinking of the perfect gifts for friends and family, a gift dropped itself into my lap when I was trying to come up with an idea for a blog leading up to Christmas. This past weekend, a student of [...]

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Thanksgiving blog

Hello, dear readers! I’m thinking about what I’m thankful for this year, and the older I get, the more freedom is to me. We honored those who served on Veteran’s Day when we looked at Patton’s Command Car, but I’ve still been thinking about all of the men and women who have worked and sacrificed [...]

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Ode to Opulence, with a side of Bimmer

We have possibly ventured into Christopher Nolan’s film Inception; over the weekend, car-Twitter lit up with photos of a BMW M4 towing a trailer in Taiwan. This wasn’t just any trailer, however, but the chopped rear-end of another M4, painted to match. People have been trying to find the owner to ask them how and why they chose to [...]

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The Munsters Kreapy Koach!

In early 1964, famed Hollywood car customizer George Barris was given only 21 days to create one of the most famous “haunted” cars in television history. While many hot rods and custom cars would appear in TV’sThe Munsters,the famous Munster Koach was the most memorable ride to ever transport one of America’s freakiest families. Therefore, [...]

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The Addams Family Packard

supernatural real-world sense as our other entries, this one holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans. While it might not be the most famous monster machine of them all, the Addam’s Family’s 1933 Packard V-12 limo is a piece for the haunted history books.The Packard 12 was one of America’s first and [...]

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The Ghost Car of Lanikai

It’s Monday, dear readers, and time for our tenth Cursed Car of Halloween. Today, we go to sunny Hawaii for a little bit of local superstition. I dug way back into my internet archives for a site calledCastle of Spiritsfor this tale of terror because I have a friend who swears that it happened to [...]

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The Wraith Revisited

One of my favorite films of all time is a spooky supernatural revenge thriller centered around a cursed car. We discussed this film a few years back in one of our first blog posts, but I felt that it was high time we gave this excellent piece of ‘80s cinema a second look. In 1986, [...]

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