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Fords First Ride


Today, June 4th, 1896, Henry Ford took his first automobile out of the shed and onto the Detroit streets. He called it, the "Quadricycle." 

In 1895 Henry Ford was working for Edison Illuminating Company when he read an article in "American Machinist" magazine about the gasoline engine. Then and there he started planing what would be the "Quadricycle." Two months before Ford finished his automobile, Charles King beat Ford with his four-cylinder vehicle that went 5 mph. Wanting the best, Ford hired King to help him build an even greater horseless carriage. Around 4am on June 4th, Ford finished his two-cylinder, four-horsepower, 20mph creation. Unfortunately the vehicle was built to wide to exit the shed. But with some quick thinking, the brick was axed open so Ford could enjoy his first ride around Grand River Avenue.

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