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From Britain with Love


At CocoMats.com, we have an unabashed love for British sports cars. In fact, there is probably only one man that loves them more than we do. He is suave, debonair, and a man of intrigue and mystery. That’s right, I’m talking about Bond. James Bond.

Although Bond has driven his fair share European marquees, and despite BMW’s best efforts, the fan favorites have always been cars that stand for queen and country. 007’s Aston Martin DB5 is by far the most iconic Bond car of the series, and beginning with Goldfinger, it appeared in no less than seven films.

So it is only fitting that for the film’s 55th anniversary, Aston Martin is re-releasing the DB5, complete with working gadgets from the film. Although it is unclear exactly which gadgets the final production vehicle with include, here is a list of each one from the film, courtesy of 007James.com:

- Revolving Number Plate 

- GPS dashboard 

- Oil slick

- Smoke screen 

- Machine Guns 

- Rear bulletproof shield 

- Tire slashers 

- Ejector seat

Some of these are clearly more plausible than others, and several could be included but may not be fully functional, like the machine-gun headlights.

Unfortunately, Q’s technology comes at a hefty price tag of $3.5 million plus taxes. And forget about being able to take it out on the open road. The revolving license plates alone would make it illegal, but there are also some major highway safety violations due to the nature of fitting so many items into one vehicle; in Hollywood, it is easy to have multiple vehicles each with a single gadget that can be used in different shots, but the reality of making room for all of that tech into only car that wasn’t originally designed it is quite another challenge.

Still, for the serious Bond fan with the means to afford it, the DB5 is the ultimate collector’s item to celebrate the world’s most famous super-spy.

-Trey Fennell

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